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Peer Reviewed Articles:

“What Your Consumer Wants:  Business-to-business advertising as a mechanism of market change,” coauthor with Michaela DeSoucey in Journal of Cultural Economy, 2015, 8(2):  218-234

“Categories Count:  Trans Fat Labeling as a Technique of Corporate Governance,” in Social Studies of Science, 2013, 43 (1): 54-77.

““The Ultimate Decision Is Yours”: Exploring Patients’ Attitudes about the Overuse of Medical Interventions” coauthor with David J. Rothman in PLoS One, 2012 7(12).

“The Perfect Solution:  How trans fats became the healthy replacement for saturated fats,” in Technology and Culture, 2012, 53(1):  94-119.

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“Seeing in Genes: Mapping the Rice Genome in China,” translated into Spanish in La Revista Iberoamericana de Ciencia, Tecnologia y Sociedad 1(3): 131–156.

Academic Book Reviews:

Review of Sweet Stuff: An American History of Sweeteners from Sugar to Sucralose by Deborah Jean Warner, in Technology and Culture 2013, (54)1: 205-207.

Review of “Empty Pleasures: The Story of Artificial Sweeteners from Saccharin to Splenda” by Carolyn de la Peña, in Technology and Culture 2012, 52(4):  849-850.

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Review of “Strip City” by Lily Burana, in Sexuality and Culture 2002, 6(4):  107–108.

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What Fish Oil Pills Are Hiding: One Woman’s Quest to Save the Chesapeake Bay from the Dietary Supplement Industry,” coauthored with Alison Fairbrother in Issues in Science and Technology. Summer 2014: 23-37.  Published simultaneously in Creative Nonfiction, issue 52.

The Fish at the Heart of the Food System,” coauthored with Alison Fairbrother in Limn 2014, issue 4.  Republished on Gizmodo.

How Trans Fats Almost Got Saturated,Inform 2014, volume 25, issue 1, pp. 55-57.

Ask Not What Product Labeling Can Do For You,” Risk and Regulation Spring 2013, issue 25, pp. 18-19. London School of Economics Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation.

“Food, Drugs and TV: The Social Study of Corporate Science” coauthor with Bart Penders in Bulletin of Science, Technology and Society 31 (6), 431-434.

Co-editor with Bart Penders, Special issue on the Social Study of Corporate Science in the Bulletin of Science, Technology and Society.

The Best Way to Get Good Taste.” Post Road 2010, volume 19, pp. 49-54.

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Salt’s Fat Chance.”  Chemical Heritage Magazine 2009, 27(3):  38-39.

Fear of Frying:  A Brief History of Trans Fats.”   N+1 magazine online, May 21, 2007.


David Schleifer, Carolin Hagelskamp and Chloe Rinehart. 2015 “How Much Will It Cost?  How Americans Use Prices in Health Care.” New York:  Public Agenda.

Carolin Hagelskamp, David Schleifer, and Christopher DiStasi. 2014. “Profiting Higher Education? What Students, Alumni and Employers Think About For-Profit Colleges,” New York: Public Agenda.

David Schleifer, Carolin Hagelskamp and Christopher DiStasi.  2014. “Curbing Health Care Costs:  Are Citizens Ready to Wrestle with Tough Choices?” New York, NY: Public Agenda and the Kettering Foundation.

Public Agenda. 2014. “In Theory, Yes: How Educators of Educators Discuss the Roles and Responsibilities of Communities in Education,” New York: Public Agenda.

Public Agenda. 2014. “Joint Ventures: An Experiment in Community/Professional Co-framing in K-12 Education,” New York: Public Agenda.

Carolin Hagelskamp, David Schleifer, and Christopher DiStasi. 2013.  “Is College Worth it For Me? How Adults Without Degrees Think About Going (Back) to School,” New York:  Public Agenda.

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David Schleifer, Asif Halim, and Doug Guthrie.  2010. “The Environmental Impact of Mining Metals and Gemstones:  The Case for Putting Jewelry Back into Circulation.” Report for Circa Jewelry & George Washington University School of Business, New York, NY and Washington, DC.

Book Reviews:

Review of “Cultivating Science, Harvesting Power:  Science and Industrial Agriculture in California” by Christopher R. Henke, in Chemical Heritage Magazine 2009, 27(1): 47.

Review of “In Defense of Food” by Michael Pollan, in Time Out New York Issue 639: December 27, 2007–January 2, 2008.

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Review of “Alice Waters and Chez Panisse” by Thomas McNamee, in Time Out New York Issue 599: March 22–28, 2007.

Review of “Terrors of the Table:  The Curious History of Nutrition” by William Gratzer, in Time Out New York Issue 533: December 15–28, 2005.

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Book chapters:

David Schleifer and Aaron Panofsky. 2015  “Patient, Parent, Advocate, Investor:  Entrepreneurial Health Activism from Research to Reimbursement,” in Democratizing Inequalities, edited by Caroline Lee, Michael McQuarrie and Edward Walker, New York University Press.

David Schleifer. 2015. “Credible to Collaborators Themselves: How Corporations and Trade Associations Made Trans Fats into a Problem,” in Collaboration across Health Research and Medical Care, edited by Niki Vermeulen, John N. Parker and Bart Penders, Ashgate Publishing.


Charged Textile SJOOW.v1 with Tracy Gilman for Trade Routes, Proteus Gowanus, Brooklyn, March 28-April 19, 2015.

Monoprints on paper with Tracy Gilman for Gutai:  Splendid Playground, The Guggenheim Museum, New York, February 15–May 8, 2013.

The Shape of Fourteenth Street, an Art in Odd Places project with Tracy Gilman, October 5–15, 2012.

Co-host with Sonya Rhee of Silk Road Food & Wine, Heritage Radio Network, 2011.

Urban therapist, Pedro Reyes’ Sanatorium, The Guggenheim Museum, New York, June 2–12, 2011.

Make it Happen, Instigator and Facilitator at Flux Factory, Figment, Studio X and other venues, 2010-2011.

Participant-Interpreter, Tino Sehgal’s This Progress, The Guggenheim Museum, New York, January 29–March 10, 2010.

I’m Starting a Blog.

Some blog posts:

Face-to-Face Price Transparency, with Andrea Ducas on the American Journal of Managed Care blog, July 14, 2015.

Americans Are Eager for Price Information, New Survey Finds with Andrea Ducas on the Health Affairs GrantWatch blog, March 26, 2015.

Patients’ Views On Reforming The Physician Fee-For-Service Payment System on the Health Affairs blog, February 28, 2014.

Better Collaboration Needed Between Nurses and Physicians on the Public Agenda blog, June 27th, 2013.

Looking at Robert Irwin and Reading Proust on the To Think, To Write, To Publish blog, May 21, 2013.


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